About us

Our event agency organizes concert tours worldwide, particularly in the Middle East.

We promote the exchange of cultural values that are expressed in such areas as opera, folk and modern dances, ballet, high-tech light, fire and fashion shows, circus and much more. Our mission is to organize at a high level the arrival of the best and highly professional performers from Russia and other countries.

We collaborate with the best!

Choosing our company, you get full professional support in the selection and customization of ready-made concert acts in accordance with the concept of your event. We also create completely new, unique shows. Cooperating with talented directors, choreographers and designers, our team can write a script, stage choreography, develop bright and high-tech costumes. Professional sound engineers and DJs will create a unique musical series.

Our agency carries out a high-quality selection of international artists, performers and bands. We have an extensive base, which gives us freedom of choice and the opportunity to implement any projects from luxury parties and weddings to large-scale city shows.


We believe that art has no limits!

We also develop educational programs and conduct workshops, lectures and seminars within the framework of art schools and universities. Very soon, thanks to our joint efforts, your compatriots will be able to learn from well-known and highly qualified teachers in the field of choreography, theatre art, painting and music.

Diverse, vibrant, professional shows and concert programs offered by our agency can make any event, from a private party to a large-scale function, an unforgettable unique experience.